Attract international talent to Denmark

Denmark must be a digital pioneering country that stands strong in innovation, welfare and green transition. This requires digital skills in the entire workforce. With access to the right expertise, we maintain our global frontrunner position.

Digital Hub Denmark provides strategic support and resources to help Danish tech companies attract international talent to Denmark.

Our talent services

International talent attraction campaigns

In today's interconnected world, attracting international talent is essential for maintaining Denmark's competitive edge in the global tech landscape. Digital Hub Denmark spearheads dynamic talent attraction campaigns tailored to reach tech professionals worldwide.

We amplify Denmark's appeal to international talent through targeted digital marketing, engaging content creation, and strategic partnerships.

From showcasing career opportunities at leading Danish tech companies to highlighting the unique advantages of living and working in Denmark, our campaigns resonate with ambitious professionals seeking new horizons. 

As a result, we’ve built a database of over 20,000 tech talents eager to pursue opportunities within Danish tech companies. 

International talent attraction campaigns:

Quotation marks

Queue-it works with candidate engagement activities, as it offers not only access to the right candidates but also helps us to reach people with a diverse background who fit the role and the company’s culture. We have enjoyed working with Digital hub Denmark as it not only has an amazing
team, but it has a great brand reputation reaching a wide audience and many potential Queue-it candidates.

- Violet Chege
People & Culture Senior Specialist, Queue-it

Insights into digital talent

Understanding the talent landscape in Denmark is key to developing effective talent attraction strategies.

In close collaboration with HBS Economics, Digital Hub Denmark conducts comprehensive surveys to provide a factual and data-driven foundation for efforts to attract further digital talent to Denmark.

Check out our surveys below:

Branding an attractive career destination

Denmark stands as a beacon of GovTech, innovation, welfare, and green transition. At Digital Hub Denmark, we recognise that sustaining our global frontrunner position requires not only cutting-edge technology but also a talented workforce. That's why we're committed to showcasing Denmark as an attractive career destination for tech professionals worldwide.

Through consistent branding and strategic marketing initiatives, we highlight Denmark's exceptional quality of life, vibrant tech ecosystem, and unparalleled opportunities for professional growth. 

By promoting our nation's progressive values, work-life balance, and supportive infrastructure, we attract top-tier talent eager to contribute to Denmark's digital journey.