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Denmark is the world champion in public digitalisation.

We’ve come a long way since the inception of our digital journey and we want to share our learnings. 

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Denmark, a trusted learning partner for
public digital transformation

Digital government has been an integral part of Denmark’s mindset for decades. With over 50 years of experience in digitalising government and public service delivery, Denmark has shown the significant benefits of digitalisation for societies.

Denmark has demonstrated how an efficient digital public sector is shaped through joint policies, focused initiatives, and effective tools that have established a robust public infrastructure, creating real value for citizens.

We work to share experiences and learnings from driving public digital transformation, offering key insights from the decision-making processes and solutions built during Denmark's digital journey.

How did we achieve this?

Denmark's digital journey started back in 1968 when the Civil Registration System was introduced to Danish society.

Since then, the Danish digitalisation evolution has been fast-paced: Public services have moved online; facilitating access for citizens to public authorities with, for instance, digital identity and digital postbox, and easing the interaction of the private sector with the government. 

These initiatives are among only a few highlights.

The Danish government has been focused on creating a central ICT infrastructure that links the national government agencies, local government, and municipalities to common services and solutions. 

This includes a digital infrastructure, data reuse, data security, digital welfare, and digital business solutions. There are specialised portals for citizens, businesses, and one national health portal. 

Together with world-class broadband infrastructure, a digitally skilled population, digitalisation of businesses and e-commerce, and integration of digital technology for SMEs, Danish eGovernance is considered outstanding.

Learning from the Danish example

There are plenty of learnings from the pioneering initiatives that Denmark has been driving for decades; initiatives that have earned us the title as the most digitised country in the world.

To share these learnings, we have created a GovTech academy featuring five easy-to-digest courses for those interested in pursuing a digital transformation in their public services.

Read more about the individual programmes and find the latest national digital strategy for an even more digitalised society.

Outstanding digital solutions

Our GovTech Academy presents a curated selection of the companies that deliver digital excellence in Denmark - from large corporations that have helped Denmark become the leader in the digital public sector to startups making a difference in the green transition.

Quotation marks

The collaboration with Digital Hub Denmark has provided valuable dialogues with international stakeholders in new and existing markets about the use of public digital solutions. We hope to be able to continue the constructive cooperation, in order to enrich the visiting delegations with knowledge about the digital development within public IT, as well as support our further international market expansion.

- Thomas Rysgaard Christiansen
International Development Partner in Netcompany

Did you know Denmark is one of the highest ranking countries in the world when it comes to the digitisation of the public sector?

Our digitisation timeline


The government introduced a central database of every person residing in Denmark.

Digital signature

Digital signature allows authorities and businesses to communicate digitally with citizens thereby moving away from physical letters. A secure way of authenticating identity online.

Easy account

The mandatory easy account tied to your personal bank account gave authorities and employers and easy way to handle payments to citizens.

Digital ID

Authorities are obliged to use a common ICT infrastructure. A cross-government identity verification known as “Easy ID” was created - which became NemID in 2010 and then mitID in 2021.

2007 portal was launched, allowing citizens to access more than 2,000 self-services. This was the gateway to the public sector.

Digital post

In the following years, digital post and digital self-services were made mandatory for both citizens and businesses alike.

Digital visitor centre

An experience centre was inaugurated for international delegations visiting Denmark with the aim of promoting Danish digital solutions.

How can we help?

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Our 750 m² space in the heart of Copenhagen, which opened in 2021, serves multiple functions, including an interactive showroom, theatre, lounge, and office space. This visitor centre highlights cutting-edge design and features an interactive exhibition on Denmark's digital journey.

The visitor centre accommodates up to 150 delegations annually, ranging from burgeoning start-ups to presidential visits, showcasing the forefront of Danish technology and innovation.