We foster connections for you to grow

We foster connections with Danish solutions to build lasting relationships that drive sustainable digital innovation and public sector excellence globally.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to champion Danish GovTech solutions that drive the global digital transformation of the public sector. We are committed to fostering innovation, efficiency, and transparency in government operations worldwide by leveraging Denmark's pioneering technology and digital expertise. Through our efforts, we aim to create a secure and citizen-centric digital public infrastructure that sets new standards globally.

We are not only dedicated to exporting cutting-edge GovTech solutions, but also to cultivating a vibrant tech ecosystem within Denmark. By attracting and nurturing top tech talent from around the globe, we aspire to make Denmark a leading hub for digital innovation in the public sector.

Together, we strive to build a future where technology enhances public service delivery, empowers citizens, and strengthens democratic governance, positioning Denmark at the forefront of the global digital revolution.

Our projects

We promote Denmark as a leader in the digital arena.

Our initiatives aim to connect all relevant stakeholders to maintain our position at the forefront of digitalisation. This means we are constantly working on an array of projects, from attracting foreign talent to sharing knowledge with international delegations.

Reach out

You are welcome to contact Digital Hub Denmark at info@digitalhubdenmark.dk.

The Team

Nicolaj Christensen



Jakob Lindmark Frier



Olivia Poblano

Head of Brand and Content


Louise del Rosario Jensen

Head of Talent Attraction and Marketing


Karoline Bertelsen

Delegation Lead


Vanessa Lista

Head of GovTech and Partnerships


The Board

Per Kogut
Digital Hub Denmark

Katrine Bagge Thorball
Vice Chairman
Ministry of Digital Government and Gender Equality

Anders Thusgaard
Business Policy Director
Ministry for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

David Schjerlund
Head of Department, Export, Innovation and Government Public Affairs
The Trade Council

Annemarie Falktoft
Deputy Director General
Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science

Andreas Holbak Espersen
Interim Director
DI Digital

Nikolaj Juncher Wædegaard
Head of Department for Digital Policy, Telecoms and Media
The Danish Chamber of Commerce

Henrik Bodskov