Discover Denmark's digital journey

Digital Hub Denmark offers tailored matchmaking services to connect international stakeholders with opportunities to collaborate with, procure from, or support Danish GovTech.

Additionally, we provide strategic support and resources to empower Danish tech firms in attracting top global talent to Denmark.

What we do

We work with international stakeholders who want to learn more about Denmark's public digitisation and our digital solutions.

We brand Denmark as an attractive career destination for international tech talents.

Digital Hub Denmark exhibition corner


Digital Hub Denmark welcomes international delegations curious to learn about Denmark's digital transition and how we've reached our current digital-by-default state.

We connect you with the most pioneering GovTech companies and governmental institutions in order to support you in building relationships that last.

Talent attraction

Our talent attraction efforts include creating international campaigns that brand Denmark as a career destination, especially for those working in tech as well as offer insights into the tech talents with our yearly reports and analysis..

We can also provide resources and guidance to companies in Denmark seeking ways to attract foreign talent.  

Visitor centre

Our award-winning 750 m² visitor centre not only features state-of-the-art design but also an interactive experience showcasing Denmark's digital journey.

We offer the possibility to rent the space for a full or half day.

Quotation marks

Digital Hub Denmark is an important collaboration partner for us at the Agency for Digital Government, especially in connection with our work to develop and maintain Denmark as a digital leading country. We greatly appreciate their ambitious work in creating good relations with international stakeholders and partners, and their efforts to ensure that digitisation is used to create value for citizens, companies and the public sector.

- Mette Lindstrøm Lage
Deputy Director of the Agency for Digital Government

Reasons to learn about Danish GovTech

Most digital society

Denmark ranks no.1 on the UN's eGovernment rankings with a citizen-first approach, providing top-tier digital solutions for easy public demonstration, services, and communication.

Trust-based relationships

Trust is embedded in everything we do in Denmark. Societal trust is rooted deeply in our culture and creates a better business environment, stronger partnerships, and solid teamwork.

Over 50 years of learnings

Back in 1968, Denmark introduced the CPR - a central database of every person living in Denmark - marking the start of digital data gathering. This early adoption of digitisation had a major impact in shaping a resilient society.

Human-centric approach

We put humans before technology and build trustworthy solutions that fulfil public needs safeguarding inclusion, democracy, and providing access to public services for all humankind.