Denmark is losing out on talent attraction

In a 2022 survey conducted by Digital Hub Denmark and HBS Economic, we see an increase of 12% in digital talent on the job market since 2019. There has equally been slight increases in both the amount of female digital talent, international talents, and the talent pool in general from 2021 to 2022.

“For Denmark to be a bigger player in talent attraction, we believe that there should be a politically increased focus on attracting and retaining more digital talent, doing so through increasing the degree of knowledge about the unique Danish work environments and values,” says Jakob Lindmark Frier, head of communications at Digital Hub Denmark.

In 2014, Denmark saw the introduction of political measures like the so-called fast track settlement which meant a faster and more flexible job start for international talent. The 2014 fast track brought about an increase in the digital talent pool coming to Denmark and for the first time more talents were coming to Denmark than leaving. But from the recent survey we see a stagnation of the net inflow of digital talent since then.


  • 190.028 tech talents in Denmark in 2022.
  • 30% female digital talents in Denmark.
  • 13% of the talent consists of internationals.

“The survey suggests that the political measures like the fast track settlement does have a positive effect on the inflow of talents to Denmark. But unfortunately, we have not seen a significant increase in the talents coming to Denmark since 2014. We need to strengthen the narrative of Denmark as an attractive destination and creator of jobs of the future,” says Jakob Lindmark Frier.

The survey shows that Denmark is now home to a total of more than 190.028 digital talents. With efforts on both educating and converting manpower into digital positions, Denmark is creating jobs for the many talented people we want to join and experience the country.

→ Read the full survey here.